Running Through History becomes a year long study abroad program


If you did not participate in Running Through History, or RTH as it is famously known, or have not yet had the chance to, I am sure you have at least heard enough about it to last you a lifetime. As a previous RTHer, I assure you the wistful, long-winded, dreamy-eyed responses are truly valid when the words “Tribble trot,” “cathedral,” “early morning,” or “gelato” are heard from within a mile radius. In case you somehow are not familiar with Running Through History, it is a summer program that happens after junior year where, after applying, being accepted, and going through an intense history-based JanTerm, the handful of students make their way to Europe for a few weeks in the summer. While the schedule changes a bit every year, it typically is a three-week trip to England, France, and Italy, and often another country or two for a shorter amount of time. 

That is, until now. Now, Running Through History, previously a JanTerm and summer program, is being turned into Running Through History: School Year Abroad… so essentially the opposite times of year. Don’t be fooled by the acronym RTH: SYA. This is a program that is fully driven by the school, and more specifically, by Joe Tribble, the man of Victory, himself. Besides the obvious change in length of time, RTH: SYA will include three-month-long stays in England, France, and Italy, alongside a winter break trip to Switzerland, and a spring break trip to Spain. Don’t forget about the weekend trips to various countries and cities. Tribble will of course be teaching the history of each country during the stay there, but alongside that, students will fulfill their other academic requirements from the other teachers coming on board. That being said, it’s not all academics! It’s study abroad! You’re supposed to have fun and see the places you are studying in. And as with the summer program, you will get to do just that! You will get to see countless cathedrals, churches, and duomos. You will get to have authentic fish and chips (probably while you’re still delusional from jetlag), French baguettes, and Italian gelato, pasta, and pizza. You will visit Stonehenge at 5:00 a.m. (because I promise you, it is way cooler to say you got up at 4:00 a.m. to see some old stones (no they are NOT rocks) than it is to say you did it during the day like the typical tourist), and climb the Eiffel Tower in the evening as the sun sets. You will see the Vatican City and see the Capitoline wolf sculpture with your own eyes. (Can’t you see why past RTHers rave about their trip?!)

Now, if there’s one thing you can’t forget about Running Through History, it’s the running. During the summer program, students woke up between 5:00 a.m. (this is not exaggerated, I am sorry to say) and 7:00 a.m. to go on runs each morning, typically at the well-renowned “Tribble trot” pace. Of course, for RTH: SYA this will be shaken up a little: running will be a class requirement. Don’t groan just yet! The whole group will get to run together most week days, and as long as you participate at a Tribble trot, you will get an A in the class. Trust me, you can run at a Tribble trot, and you will end with an A in that class. Running with Tribble includes many spectacular benefits that you should not overlook: Exercise! Who doesn’t love some easy-going cardiovascular work? Second, time with Coach Tribble. Let me tell you, he’s got a lot to say if you just ask. Conversing with him is like conversing with Nike the goddess of Victory: you will never be let down. Third, time to see the amazing cities you are in without the disruption of tourists. And last of all, the runs will be like a scheduled class – they’ll begin at 8:30 a.m. each morning, just as a normal class back at Westminster would (not 5:00 a.m., promise). And if you’re not already convinced this is the most incredible addition to ever be bestowed upon Westminster, consider this: there is no construction to deal with, cottages to be in, and no parking lots to trudge from.

Arrivederci, Victory, and see you in Rome!