Documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” sheds new light on street art

Jess Neuhauser

September 28, 2012

This film review column will be a little different than ones you would find in most papers. Typically, reviews are focused on movies that just came out and have gotten a relatively high amount of publicity. However, I do not believe...

Fall: The Time for Hunting and Fishing

Reid Calhoun

September 28, 2012

Although Atlanta is undoubtedly the best city in America, living in a city commonly allows for one to lose sight of the natural restorer, the outdoors. Despite the naysayers, Atlanta has some great outdoor opportunities, including ma...

Ask Kelly

Lauren Davis and Kylar Dietrich

September 28, 2012

Dear Kelly, Recently I’ve started hanging out with a new group of people that includes both boys and girls. I’ve tried to tell my mom about this, but she still thinks that I only hang out with girls, and she tries to tell me...

“Runaways” Promising

Adrian Carter

September 27, 2012

The Good Review Two years, four months, 26 days, and two solo albums since announcing a hiatus, the Killers are back with a bombastic new single, “Runaways,” which offers their usual anthem-sized sound as well as glimmers...

What’s Good in the D-Wood?

Carlo Franzoni and Jag Gangemi

September 27, 2012

BroTP Dunwoody, Georgia, is without a doubt the most exciting city in northwestern DeKalb County, and I daresay perhapsthe most exciting city in all of DeKalb, yet few students know about anything that happens in Dunwoody,...

The lengthy battle of Apple versus PC

September 27, 2012

If you tilt your head at the correct angle and listen closely you may hear the crackle of flames intermingled with a surreal cacophony of explosions and the inhuman cries of battle. These are the sounds of soldiers fighting relentlessly...

Romney Slips

Gray Clark and Robert Wilkins

September 27, 2012

How We See It Gray Clark – Conservative Earlier this month, the Romney campaign was hit with a new scandal. A video was leaked of Mr. Romney in which he said, among other things, that he would have a better shot at the el...

Time Task Force aims to transform schedule

Caroline Wray

September 27, 2012

“At Westminster, we grow as lifelong learners who serve and lead in a changing world.” This is the Learning for Life vision statement, the preface to a large plan instituted by the school last year that hopes to move the school...

Flik brings changes, organic food options

Isabel Callaway

September 27, 2012

From flavored water to tuna salad to turkey burgers, students are being treated to an all-new kind of food service. “When Robert Nash decided to retire,” said director of business and finance, Wendy Barnhart, “we brought...

Spirit Week kicks homecoming festivities up a notch

Garrett Donnelly

September 27, 2012

“Spirit Week”–a week that began with a sea of green and white students and ended with a hoard of kids who seemed to have lost their place in time. This year was the first for an event as extensive as Spirit Week to accompany...

Football fights injuries

Anna Kate Heller

September 27, 2012

by Anna Kate Heller This year, the football team has had to overcome a major obstacle: injuries. More than a few players are severely injured, including seniors Sterrett Woods and John Coffin, juniors Sam Schmal, Joe Janeczko, an...