An end to a RADIOACTIVE season

Joe Janezcko, Sports Editor

November 8, 2013

At the start of their season, the volleyball team established a code of honor, which they titled “RADIOACTIVE,” with each letter standing for one of their standards and principles. As the team grew closer and a strong bond...

Girls’ XC heads to state

Sarah Zoellick, Sports Writer

November 8, 2013

This year’s AA girls cross country meet is shaping up to be a three-way battle for the top spot between Wesleyan, Lovett, and the Wildcats. After the Last Chance Invitational at Carrollton, where the Cats pulled out the win...

Varsity football team looks to overcome loss against Lovett

Richard Hays, Sports Writer

November 8, 2013

The Westminster football team came up short against their rival Lovett Lions on Friday, losing by a final of 20-0.  However, the Cats are focusing on the positives from this game as they look to the end of the season and beyond....

Equestrian team hopes to attract male riders

Jack Cahillane, Sports Writer

November 8, 2013

Equestrian is a challenging and competitive sport where the horse and the rider must work together to achieve a goal. At a professional level there are more men than women competing, but, curiously, at the high school level the...

Swimmers, captains, and coaches prepare for the season

John Sheehan, Sports Writer

November 8, 2013

“I describe myself as a coach, as somewhat of a maverick of a coach, and I don’t say this to blow my horn or say that I am doing it right and everyone else is doing it wrong, but I just do it differently and it seems to work,”...

Wildcat! Wildcat! too underground for you?

Catherine Zhang, Columnist

November 8, 2013

In case you were wondering, I wasn’t cheering on our school. Wildcat! Wildcat! is the name of a new band that just released their first EP, which boasts four beautifully constructed songs each worth listening to. “The Chief”...

A crisp new start in the northern French city of Rennes

Tara Subramaniam

November 8, 2013

Across the pond in Rennes, France, winter is no longer simply coming - it is here with a vengeance. Temperatures in the mid-40s at the beginning of October spell trouble, especially for this School Year Abroad (SYA) student walking...

Sam’s Seven for Atlanta sports

Sam Barkin, Columnist

November 8, 2013

This issue marks the first installment of “Sam’s Seven,” in which I will discuss seven things to do with the sports world, whether Atlanta sports or Westminster based. Over the course of the year I will cover the good, the...

1:1 is totally flawless

Katherine Hur, Columns Editor

November 8, 2013

It has come to my attention that the productivity of Westminster students has significantly increased since the implementation of the 1:1 Mac program. Whenever I walk into my classes, the serene glow of the Apple logo greets me...

Why you should care about politics and stay informed

Tom Desoutter, Columnist

November 8, 2013

Talking about politics is beyond passé these days. It’s popular to deflect thought-provoking questions with a cop-out like, “I hate politics.” Serious issues affecting our nation, even those as one-sided as the recent government...

Fall orchestra concert entrances crowds

Gigi Pavur, Arts Writer

November 8, 2013

The high school Chamber Orchestra kicked off the 2013-2014 performing season with a concert on Oct. 29, which featured a variety of pieces and included accompanying guest soloists from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Linda...

The 39 Steps revitalizes Hitchcock classic on Kellett stage

Emily Pinkston, Arts Writer

November 8, 2013

The classic movies of director Alfred Hitchcock epitomize thrilling suspense and violent, twisting plots. On the nights of Nov. 15 and 16, the school will bring one of Hitchcock’s films, The 39 Steps, to the stage in a hila...