Letter from the Editors — October 2020

If you’re reading this, it’s probably pretty clear that the Bi-Line has undergone some substantial changes in the last few months thanks to COVID-19. While students may no longer enjoy our illustrious publication on paper or use it as makeshift whiteboard erasers, the same time and effort went into this month’s online issue. We are nonetheless excited to be this year’s head editors; it feels like yesterday that we were joining the newspaper staff as reporters.

Because of the circumstances of the pandemic, the publication will be largely based online this year. This means that the newspaper stacks will be empty for the time being, but the Bi-Line will still publish an issue each month. On the bright side, the online focus of the newspaper will be an excellent opportunity to expand the ways in which the community can interact with the Bi-Line. We are excited to offer a new platform for student artists to submit cartoons through the Bi-Line’s website. Additionally, we are hopeful that students will use their voices and passions as contributors to the Guest Opinions column, which is open to submissions from all members of the Westminster community. Regardless of the format of the Bi-Line this year, the staff is committed to representing the school with respect and dignity.

We feel as if the news is more important than ever. In the past few months, our hyper-connected generation has been driven apart by social-distancing guidelines that are designed to keep us safe, but which also promote feelings of loneliness and isolation. We learned from home, spit into tubes and prodded our brains with Q-tips, and cheered for our teams through a screen. Despite this physical distance, we hope that the Bi-Line will serve as a space for the Westminster community to observe its commonalities, a reminder that we are, in fact, a community. That’s why we’re putting a special emphasis this year on articles that highlight Westminster and its students. We want to showcase what is happening on campus in an era marked by change. 

In light of the recent dialogue about race, identity, and inclusion, we believe that the Bi-Line has more of a responsibility than ever to elevate the voices of those within the community. We hope that the publication can be a medium for students to share their perspectives and beliefs in the midst of a shifting sociopolitical climate. Not only do we hope to embolden these narratives, but it is our goal to help our readers understand what it means to be a part of a diverse community. 

As we send you off into the vast expanse of articles, we hope that you learn something about yourself and others. Thank you for reading, and have a happy October! We’ll see you back here in November.

Your Head Editors,

Julia Rhee and Sarah Street