November 16, 2021

To our Dearly Beloved Reader, 


As you walk to class these days, you might stop to see bunches of leaves drifting down from the trees across campus. The air might feel a bit more brisk. The sunlight might shine a little differently to you. You might restart watching Gilmore Girls for the sixth time. The season has changed. We are no longer in the warm sunshine of summer: we have officially entered into a new time of year. With this new time of year comes a lot of change, and not just in the revival of sweaters. 

The people of Westminster are changing too. As seniors, we prepare to step into a new phase of our lives. We churn out essays and applications like little farm boys and girls working the butter mill. Ahhhh, remember when we were little itsy bitsy freshman climbing up the waterspout of high-school life. As we near the top we wait for the rain to wash us back down. Next year we will return to freshman year, in college, in the next chapter of our lives. Let’s appreciate the time we have while we have it as seniors here. Celebrate your journey with a copy of the Bi-Line, or two!

Speaking of freshmen, y’all are changing too. While your bodies are changing, your minds are changing too. You’re learning about the dynamics of high school and getting acclimated to your classes. Hey, maybe you’ll learn a little bit more in this issue of the Bi-Line, check one out, or maybe two!

Up the totem pole, sophomores are changing everyday. Maybe you finally figured out that chemistry problem. Maybe you are starting to finally feel at home in the halls. As you walk down with your friends from Turner to Askew after getting COVID tested, maybe you start to feel like you have a place. To feel more at home, read the Bi-Line or maybe two!

Juniors, we didn’t forget about you. We know navigating the landscape of Jane Eyre and toiling over biology problems can’t be easy, and they are forcing you to change too. Junior year is the hardest academically at Westminster. Good thing I’m done with that. Eat dirt. Well, cry a little, stress about your life, take a break from studying for your SAT; dive into lighthearted topics like abortion and mental health and read the Bi-Line, or maybe even two!

Our community is changing too. As seniors start to submit their college applications, they enter into a new phase of life and leave our Westminster community behind. As underclassmen walk the halls more, they become more confident and more ready to take on any responsibilities. Cross country goes into swimming, football into basketball, cheer into gymnastics. Our individual members have grown and developed, which affects the entire community itself. Much like the leaves hanging from the trees, we too are maturing. And if you, our reader, feel like you’re not changing at all; that’s cool, too. Some trees are evergreen.



Your Head Editors, 

Khushi and Noah