February 5, 2022

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first Bi-Line of 2022! It’s a new year, new us. Just kidding, we’re still the same, like always. We’ll never quit, like you and your resolution to finally get an “A” in Calculus. The new year is supposed to start new beginnings, a fresh, clean slate. Unfortunately, for most of us, it ends up being more of the same old depressing habits. If you want to check out a quick read on New Year’s resolutions, check out Eleanor Knight’s article on it. If you’re feeling a little down (which might be because that groundhog just died), it’ll get better because Mercury is out of retrograde. Enjoy the good vibes coming your way. Or don’t. Astrology is subjective.

The good news is that the Bi-Line is out, and you’re reading it. What a fantastic way to close out your winter, the calm before the spring. With the upcoming new season comes the inevitable: senioritis. You know it, I know it. The ninth graders running across campus to their next class know it. Inevitably, our attentions wane, our minds wander, overdue assignments pile up. Life inside the classroom starts to feel optional. But for our seniors (and underclassmen experiencing early onset senioritis), there’s an end in sight.

High school is short. Ninth graders, it may seem like the end of high school is nowhere in sight, but soon, you’ll be out in the world, greeting people, shaking hands, and living adult lives. Cherish the time you have now. Ninth graders, sophomores, juniors, seniors, play soccer four-square on spatio, join the Bi-Line with your friends, or try a new sport because life is more than “As” in Calculus and on-time assignments. Heck, Mercury was just in retrograde. Resolve your new year to be full of new opportunities, and of course, Bi-Line articles.

When I was a middle schooler, I once got locked out of Mr. Meyer’s classroom because I left my book in my locker (very early onset senioritis). Everyone turned out the lights and hid, so it looked like they had all left for a field trip when I looked in through the window. When I went back after looking around some more, everyone was back in their places and asked me where I had been—I mean, gaslighting, plain and simple. Then, at the end of the year, I eventually learned the truth I suspected all along: it was just a prank.

The moral of the story is: sometimes the ending you want is not the ending you get, but at least you made it through your trial, and it ended. Maybe everything wrong that happened in your life is a big prank, and it gets better soon, too! In all seriousness, keep pushing through this second semester!


Your Head Eds,

Noah and Khushi 🙂