Letter from the Editors – September 2022


Dearest Readers,


Before your eyes is the first ever fully digital issue of the Bi-Line, Westminster’s most illustrious, typo-free propaganda publication since 1963.

While we also appreciated the tangible paper Bi-Line issues, we are making a move towards being a more sustainable paper. 

We are seniors Aanya Chaganthi and Melanie Zhang, your Co-Editors-in-Chief for this school year, but you can call us by our frat boi names, Logan and Brad, respectively. We both started out as reporters our Freshman year, and we still remember sitting in a corner of the 3rd floor of the library dreaming about becoming Head Editors together one day. It’s fair to say that dreams do come true! 

Our year started off a bit rocky with our Instagram account getting “temporarily locked.” As frustrating as that was, after contacting practically every head editor from the past four years to figure out whose phone number the account was linked to, we realized how amazing of a legacy we have the honor of continuing. Unfortunately, our valiant efforts did not prevail, and we are still “temporarily locked” out of the original Bi-Line instagram account. That’s the true story, but the word on the street is that WE GOT HACKED!

Fret not! We have created a new account, and we’re back better than ever. (Give us a follow @wmsbiline)

We have a record number of staff members this year, with 14 section editors, 11 news reporters, 12 arts reporters, 10 sports reporters, 3 columnists, and 9 photographers. It took all 61 of us to produce this September issue, and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Be sure to share the brilliant Bi-Line with every single person you meet because we must fulfill Melanie/Brad’s dream of making the Bi-Line better than the New York Times! Read it on the toilet, preach it to a house plant, recite it to your goldfish, laugh about it with your chickens, share it with everyone!  Until next time broskis!


Signing off, 

Aanya and Melanie aka Logan and Brad