Letters from the Editors – November 2022


Dearest readers,

It feels like just yesterday that we released our first issue of the school year, and now semester one has come to a close. 

We hope you all are having a positive exam week so far and are excited for the break ahead! 

As we look toward the next year, the Bi-Line is also hoping to dig deeper into more interesting stories, such as why Brewer Cafe runs out of food by the time seniors get out for lunch, does stepping on the seal actually prohibit a student from graduating, and what is the fastest route from Hawkins to Askew?

Stay tuned to get these captivating questions answered in the next edition of the Bi-Line!

Until then, happy holidays, Wildcats, and stay strong these last couple of days!

With joy,

Aanya Chaganthi and Melanie Zhang