Kathryn Jian is a second-year arts reporter for the Bi-Line. When she isn't writing hard-hitting investigative journalism, she obsesses over members of Korean and Chinese boybands. Watching multi-colored heads bob in sync in a 1080p Youtube video gives her inspiration for groundbreaking writing. If that fails to entertain her, she goes and bangs some Chopin and Rachmaninoff on the piano. In her spare time, Kathryn thoroughly analyzes the dynamics of the Kpop world, critiquing the politics that cause boybands to break apart. She believes that, with these skills, she is qualified to write sensational articles for the arts section. Kathryn also owns an extensive snapback collection in which she uses to attempt swag. And fails horribly at.


Kathryn Jian , Staff Writer

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Kathryn Jian