Ballard excoriates school’s lack of spirit

Wiley Ballard

December 16, 2011

Year in and year out, people take our high school’s state championships for granted. By no means am I referring to the players, coaches, or the athletic department, but rather the casual Westminster student, to whom state championships...

Open house welcomes future students

Anisha Reddy

December 16, 2011

Although Westminster is widely known for its academic excellence, it is often difficult to truly understand the dynamics of the school without actively experiencing it. Westminster open houses serve as a way to genuinely and effectively...

Hallelujah! Messiah returns

Carter McGuire

December 15, 2011

Deep in the heart of McCain Chapel, light penetrated into the darkness of the night beyond. Amid the softened babble of voices within, a single note sighed off a violin. The audience settled into fidgety silence, broken by coughs...