Boys Cross Country Starts Strong, Looks Toward State

Miles Davis, Staff Writer

September 25, 2015

          In the 2014 season, Westminster boys cross country came up short in the state meet placing third. Although for many of the teams in the state third place would be a tremendous result, the boys cross ...

Mad Max and the question of feminism

Jack Lindsay, Columnist

September 25, 2015

          On May 15, 2015, audiences around the world were treated to the visual spectacle that is Mad Max: Fury Road. On the surface, Mad Max seems like another summer action film with a simple plot and little to no heart, but...

Full House (of Representatives)

William Denning, Columnist

September 25, 2015

        I can see it now: weeknights from 5:30 to 6:00pm EST. It’ll be a sitcom, right, about a family who lives in a house. A heartwarming comedy about a white family growing up in the upper middle-class. But here’...

SYA France: Destinations and Self Definition

Jolisa Brown, Columnist

September 25, 2015

         It has been said that you can arrive in a place, but never truly arrive, that mentally you have remained in the comfort of your bedroom. Thousands of miles away in almost any given country one can find their own ...

SYA Spain: Because Learning a New Language Apparently Isn’t Hard Enough

Liv Combest, Columnist

September 25, 2015

         Walking through clouds of cigarette smoke and dodging couples engaged in excessive amounts of PDA on my way to and from school every day was not at the forefront of my mind when I signed up for School Year Abroa...

New Environmental Initiatives Promote Sustainability on Campus

Maya Sinha, Staff Writer

September 25, 2015

          Sustainability is founded on a principle of long-lasting, maintainable initiatives that can be continued on indefinitely, and Westminster enforces this notion in order to create a healthy environment for the sch...