Spotlight on Dr. Pace’s Trip to Germany

     After a long year of working and learning at Westminster, Dr. Pace was selected to participate in an eye-opening program in Germany over the summer. Through the Transatlantic Outreach Program, Dr. Pace had the chance to see not only the academic institutions there, but also the trade and vocational ones, a stark contrast to the typical school found in the United States.

      “It was a very eye-opening experience, and one I sincerely enjoyed,” said Pace.

     However, this trip stood as more than just a fun experience; as a history teacher, Pace got an in-depth look into the stories that she had only learned about through the pages of books. Thanks to the trip, Pace got the opportunity to view the struggles of the German population after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

     “It was remarkable to watch these people redefine themselves after such a monumental shift,” said Pace. 

     Starting in West Germany, the group expanded to more of the country and allowed participants to not only view the school  systems there, but also examine the culture of the country. The journey was, however, quite long.

     “One of my friends had a Fitbit on the trip, and we tracked a total of 65 miles in the two weeks we spent in the country,” said Pace. 

     Despite the short length of the experience and its intense workout, Pace states that she enjoyed immersing herself in such a remarkable country. After her intense exploration of the country’s rich history and her new outlook on German life, Pace can easily say that she relished this opportunity.

     “It was truly an experience I’d never forget,” said Pace.