Bookstore crises begin students’ deep passion for social justice issues

Anna Mull

April 1, 2016

A rush of prepubescent voices, crackles and crinkles of processed food bags, the straps of computer cases sliding off of a 5’1’’ frame in manic sprints: could this be anything other than the popular Westminster bookstore? Bo...

The secret life of Mario Chard?

Raj Patel

April 1, 2016

After an initially seamless integration into the English department faculty, new addition Mario Chard has been met with some newfound suspicion. Despite his solid university credentials from places like Stanford and Purdue, h...

Students on Running through History experience Europe


April 1, 2016

In a shocking turn of events, Running through History students actually learned about history and experienced European culture for the first time ever. “When we were in the airport in June before our flight took off, we all dis...

Speed bumps foster beloved community in senior class

Tickle Me Pinkston

April 1, 2016

Forget forced class bonding exercises. The class of 2016 has found common ground over their love of the senior parking lot’s new speed bumps. “The new speed bumps have been the best improvement Westminster has made while I’...

Friend doesn’t post on Futures of Westminster, college revokes admission

K-Cup of Tea

April 1, 2016

As the 2015-2016 school year slowly crawls to a close, seniors everyday are finding out about the outcomes of their college applications. Just this past weekend, senior Caroline Wildcat received a congratulatory message from ...

New exchange trip to Macon, GA

A Klouless Journalist

April 1, 2016

Known for its strong emphasis on diversity and global education, Westminster has offered students various opportunities to travel around the world and learn about other countries for the past two decades. Exchange programs, suc...